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    Our sheepskin boots have been seen in some of the worlds leading fashion magazinesSheepskin boots have become the top selling category in the footwear industry over the last twenty years. In 2003, Sheepskin boots took off in the USA in a very big way and in subsequent years they became an international phenomenon.

    One of our brands, Warmbat®, became the second largest supplier and by 2008 was sold in 20 countries and had become the world’s fastest growing brand of Australian sheepskin boots. To this day, no other competitor has captured the attention of retailers and celebrities alike.

    As we have marketed our sheepskin boots brands over the years, we have amassed some great media coverage  that has been featured in numerous newspaper articles in the USA, Australia and the UK, on thousands of websites around the world, an Australian television documentary, an appearance on MTV's Sweet 16, TV and radio interviews in the United States as well as live appearances on UK television with audiences in the millions.