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    Delivery Times

    How long does it take for my order to arrive?

    In the USA, our estimated shipping time is approximately 7 to 14 days from placing the order to having it arrive at your doorstep.  In Australia, the UK and Europe our estimated shipping time is approximately 21 to 30 days from placing the order to having it arrive at your doorstep. 



    What will shipping cost me?

    If you live in the United States and in the lower 48 states, your shipping is free. Other USA territories as well as many other countries will receive discounted shipping to your door. Note: the UK and some other countries customs will charge additional duties and taxes as your order arrives in your country. 



    Do your boots run true to size?

    Yes, our boots are correctly sized, please order your true foot size. Click here for more information


    Returns and Exchanges

    What if they don't fit, what is your exchange / return policy?

    We have an awesome return and exchange policy so should your Sheepskin Boots not fit quite right, we will send you a replacement pair as quickly as possible. Should you not be 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund 100% of the purchase price within 30 days of receiving your order.


    General Questions

    I see so many types of sheepskin boots in stores today, are your sheepskin boots just copies of another brand?

    Definitely not! Classic Australian sheepskin boots have been worn in Australia for around 100 years. The Australian founder of Worlds Best Sheepskin Boots has been wearing sheepskin boots since 1964. Our Brand represents the pinnacle of this classic Aussie style and incorporates many of our world's first features such as "Real" Rubber soles, removable, replaceable, memory foam insoles with "Real" arch support and water repellent sheepskin. 

    I've seen boots selling for about half the price, are they real sheepskin boots?

    Usually, No. Most cheaper boots are not made using twin-faced sheepskin (also known as shearling). High quality boots are made from the natural skin of the sheep with the wool still attached and have unique breathing properties that make real sheepskin boots such a worldwide success. Most inexpensive boots are made using different leathers with wool glued to the leather or a synthetic backing in order to lower the cost. The boot usually no longer breathes like real twin-face sheepskin which keeps your feet unbelievably comfortable. The cheap boots can look very similar but the difference when worn is obvious as your feet may get very hot and sweaty in no time.  

    When will you be bringing out some of your previous designs?

    Our next additions will be in August 2019 when we will be bringing back our "Gecko Grip" style boots that were such a big hit for us. These boots have the best outsole in the business and give the wearer the best possible traction in snow and ice.

    Are sheepskin boots bad for your feet?

    Some sheepskin boots are very bad for your feet as they do not have any ankle support, arch support and do not have an insole. Our Worlds Best Sheepskin Boots have solved these issues with our unique construction. Our insoles are the Worlds first and have an arch support insole, all constructed around a memory foam base. Our sheepskin insoles are also sold separately and will fit most sheepskin boots so take out those inferior insoles and slip in our insoles to solve these issues or better still, switch to our brand for the World's Best Sheepskin Boots! 

    I have read that Australian Made sheepskin boots are better than Chinese made, is this true?

    Unfortunately, this is not true. Some small Australian manufacturers would have you believe this but its sadly not the case and all Major sheepskin brands are now made in China. Australian factories cannot manufacture the same Quality that we get from our Chinese factories, nor can they handle the volume of our orders. Most designer brands are now made in China. iPod"s, iPhone's and iPad's are all made in China. You can get cheep products made in China for sure, but you can also get the very highest quality made there too if that's what is specified.

    Channel 7 in Perth, Western Australia did a TV report on Australian made Vs. Chinese made sheepskin boots and found that the Chinese made boots were of a higher quality and the materials used were superior to all the Australian made brands that were compared. 

    Almost all Australian manufacturers today get their skins from China, their soles from China and for the privilege of having it made in Australia, the product almost always costs more and is of lower quality. Many Australian  manufacturers are simply just a "Cottage Industry" and do not have the expertise to compete on a global scale. We are a 100% Australian owned company and use only Australian sheepskin. We employ Australians and are proud of our Authentic Aussie heritage and when we say we make the Worlds finest sheepskin boots, we really mean it!