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    Consumers are always looking for a better product and many will buy better over brand, when they have the choice

    For around 100 years, the Sheepskin boot has been as much a part of the Australian heritage as the cowboy boot has been an icon of the American West, and we have been very much a part that proud Australian heritage.

    Born in Perth, Western Australia, our founder, Paul Barclay was raised wearing Australian Sheepskin Boots. Back in 1964, he put on his first Sheepskin Boots which were at the time, an Aussie icon, but one that only Australians knew about. In 1988, Barclay began exporting Australian Sheepskin Boots to the USA and continued over the years but it was not until the late 1990s, while living in the USA, that he began selling Sheepskin Boots online. Within two years he was the biggest independent online dealer of Sheepskin Boots and the rest is history.

    The results are that our founder has introduced unsurpassed innovation into the Australian sheepskin boot industry, altering the Sheepskin boot forever by setting new standards and showing all that a tough little Aussie can be successful against all odds.

    "For the last two decades, as a proud Australian myself, I have competed with the largest companies in the business and by making a vastly superior product, I have been able to gain considerable market share thus proving Australian sheepskin boots can be successfully marketed against even the largest of competitors. After all, consumers are always looking for a better product and many will buy better over brand, when they have the choice" .

    Paul Barclay - Founder/CEO


    Our Top 10 Sheepskin Boot, World firsts:

    1. Real Rubber soles - longer lasting with a better grip in snow and ice
    2. Aboriginal Artwork - real Australian influence
    3. Tattoos - unique groundbreaking designs
    4. Memory Foam insoles - for a far more comfortable boot *Podiatrist Recommended
    5. Real Arch support - longer, more comfortable wear all day *Podiatrist Recommended
    6. Gel Heel - the most comfortable insole, ever *Podiatrist Recommended
    7. Sizing inserts - half sizes for a better fit
    8. Complimentary Repellent - to protect your boots from rain and snow
    9. Eco friendly Sheepskin - to help protect the planet we live on
    10. Fashion forward designs - sheepskin boot trendsetters with innovations that have changed the industry